Since December 2023, I have a Beatriz Galindo tenure track position at the mathematical department of the UNED University (Madrid, Spain).

I am mainly interested in:

  • Periods and special functions arising from Riemann surfaces, such as multiple zeta values, multiple polylogarithms and higher-genus generalisations.

  • All kinds of modular forms.

  • Applications of the above objects to the computation of Feynman amplitudes, especially in superstring theory.

I am currently also interested in various topics in the interface between mathematics and physics, such as mirror symmetry, topological recursion and resurgence.

Together with Francis Brown, Erik Panzer and Pierre Vanhove, I organise an online seminar on motives and period integrals in quantum field theory and string theory.

You can reach out to me at: f.zerbini “at”

Latest articles

Elliptic hyperlogarithms
Joint with Benjamin Enriquez
arXiv:2307.01833 [math.AG]

Analogues of hyperlogarithm functions on affine complex curves
Joint with Benjamin Enriquez
arXiv:2212.03119 [math.AG]

Construction of Maurer-Cartan elements over configuration spaces of curves
Joint with Benjamin Enriquez
arXiv:2110.09341 [math.AG]

A picture in Cote d’Azur (2021)